12 Box Gracku Capsules Tonic Body Chinese Herbal Century sex Supplement

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Product Details

Description : 12 box Gracku Capsules Tonic Body Chinese Herbal Century sex Supplement ยาเกร็กคู

Condition : Brand new, sealed, never opened

Size : 6 Capsules each box

Quantity : 12 Boxes

Directions : Dosage 1-2 capsules per day Daily before meal.

Registration drugs. G481/53.
appearance and color of the pill is a brown powder. Packed in capsules green
Packing: In panel Briscoe's PAC panel of 6 capsules each with 600 mg (containing powder 500 mg).

Grakcu capsule prepared by a panel of physicians and pharmacists in China. The only modern technology. The drug concentration. Effective. Resulting in a fast and effective solution, but gentle, courteous and safe blend of herbs grade A to cull selection and the best (ie, tank Cao, who will select the best grade, most expensive crash rates per kg approximately 2 million) for affect the body. A balance. Organs work more efficiently. Fatigue strength is simple. Wind flow blood circulation. The night is young, the aging of the health benefits of holistic consumer experience. That has predominated. "Herb gratitude to the consumer" ... Gratitude to ... the consumer is. Consumers get to have a great impact on health. And genuine. In the ordinary. Can also be purchased at affordable rates.I have both males and females. Lady reviewed to strengthen the uterus. I do not sagging or smells unpleasant vaginal discharge has a month to be a normal child. Abdominal pain .... The men would not have the strength to be more refreshing. A simple exhaustion ..... The drug is popular Greg Cooper. And has received a lot of consumers who know and believe in clairvoyance and Tossaporn I have to acknowledge the excellent properties. And truly safe .

Caution: People with the flu. Children and pregnant women. Should not be eaten.
Ingredients :
1. IEEE shot (pivot) properties ... roots : the original Infusion made. Because they contain a parasite that coixol children .... Seeds: The drugs do not make use of water therapy, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary congestion. If the fermentation is alcohol. Used in arthritis. But if the new convalescence.Coffee is the seed which is very valuable as a medicine and a diuretic
2. Negril Kooi : medicinal properties ... overly spicy sweetness. Heat added to the body. Relieve pain, waist pain, diarrhea, his circulation improved.
3. Korea's Piercing : Properties ... from the root bark of the root and the nourishing blood tonic, diuretic eyesight cough, fever, swelling of the gums and cure diabetes and kidney disease is to cook it.
4. Shantou points Piercing : Properties 10-15 g dry stems ... stems are boiled drinking water as a remedy for dysentery. Vomiting of blood. Bloody stools, coughing up blood, bleeding, nosebleeds and jaundice cure or antidote for external use. By adopting a resolution lower stem water squeezed out paint or plaster ceiling with a rash, chronic ulcers and bleeding .... The seeds are 10-15 g dry seeds boiled drinking water. Or ground water to be thoroughly tablets. Or as a powder. Used as a kidney tonic, liver tonic pain on the body and the cum thirst eye movement etc.
5. ticket screen : Properties, ... cooked edible boiled peel is astringent, astringent drug upset stomach is twisted. cure gingivitis, diarrhea, cough ... Dried fruit to help the spleen and stomach, nourishing the body, dialysis is a mild laxative, helps to calm the nervous cough. And used in combination with other compounds to drugs for a long time.
6. Saunders IA Toya : ... enhancing physical properties. Digestion solution to reduce perspiration, diarrhea, kidney tonic and is very effective against pain caused by diabetes, such as thirst and urine drawn a lot of sweating, insomnia, loss of appetite.
7. impact tilt Govt : Taste properties. sweet, spicy, warm effect as a drug with renal regeneration properties. The use of painkillers. A body tonic.
8. Tank Rental Properties : Kidney Care lungs, trachea, larynx hormone supplements elixir.
9. Physiognomy G: Properties : Nourishing blood tonic, kidney tonic to relieve body wetting. Strength to strength. A treatment insensitive
10. Took a : Nourishing the stomach. Strengthen the body. And diuretic. It is used to treat dyspepsia, chronic dysentery, anorexia, limb edema, and no I'm arie etc.
11. Ganoderma lucidum : A compound that is effective in the treatment of more than 200 species, which is good for the body. Which can be used to treat a wide range of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, high blood cholesterol. Disease, high blood pressure, allergies, improve the body immunity. And so on and so on. The health benefits of holistic truly a side effect: when you go 1-3 on the first day (day 1 capsule before bedtime) may have a headache or neck, back, waist, legs calves are like the flu. I do not panic. 2-3 days and may stop you from having a bitter pill to help with the heating time. And side effects, they will disappear. Then on to a new review. I would not have those symptoms again the drug: When administered with warm water before going to bed. The drug is absorbed into the bloodstream. Gets into the meridians of the organs of the body. Organs to make them work more efficiently. The flow of blood and breath better. A more balanced body. The body fresh.

 - Thai HEALTH


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