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Thailand Beach Massage

The Thai beach massage is incredibly popular. From the beaches of Phuket to Samui to Pattaya, you will find these places every couple of hundred yards along the beach. In the more built up resorts where hotels have beach fronts such as Chaweng and Lamai in Samui, the beach massage signs may be only 20 or 30 yards apart as they vie for trade.

All beach massages are disturbingly similar, they consist of a bamboo shelter to keep off the sun, some mattresses to lie in and normally between 3 and 5 middle-aged ladies all wearing the same colour polo shirts, yellow pink and orange seeming to be the favourites.

I will put my hand up now and confess that I do not see the point in Thai beach massages, the only thing that I can see they have that is better than a street massage shop is that you do not have to move far to get massaged, however this small advantage is outweighed significantly in my opinion by:

A) You already have gunky sun tan oil on you

B) You are probably covered in sand

C) You are probably covered in salt

D) The massage is outdoors so you will continue to sweat

E) All the beach is watching you

F) The ladies have been sat outside in the sun all day!!!!

G) The mattresses contain elements of A, B, C and D

All of the above in my opinion are exactly the opposite of what I require in a massage, I like to be properly showered, not be sweating because I am in an air conditioned environment, have some privacy so that I can snore in peace, have ladies that smell of Tiger Balm rather than sweat and have the use of a freshly laundered towel and a spotlessly clean mattress cover. None of which are available with a Thailand beach massage.

However, as I said this is only my opinion and if you are sat on a Thai beach you will see that an awful lot of people disagree with me. The only time that I do use the beach massage girls is if they are attached to the hotel that I am staying in and I see them every day on the way to the beach, I may then invite them back for a late afternoon session in my room, especially if I have gotten a little too much sun. By letting g them loose on my Aloe Vera and lying in a cool room the sunburn can be dealt with whilst at the same time maybe having a gentle snooze. I am much more likely though to get showered and make my way across the road to a normal massage shop and take my Aloe Vera with me as there is always the danger that problem F will rear its ugly head if you have the beach massage girl do you in the late afternoon.

Thailand beach massage cost. Amazingly you can expect to pay more for having the massage on the beach, prices tend to be set by the management of the hotel as the beach massage need a base, they cannot just set up tent on the main beach, the hotel of course take their cut as well. An average price for traditional massage is 300 to 400 baht per hour on the beach, add another 100 baht if you wanted oil massage. Not my cup of tea thanks!

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