Top 10 Thai Healthy Products

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Top 10 Thai Healthy Products

Thai’s cuisine is the world’s famous flavored and the most loved cuisine across the globe. However, few always look for healthy dishes in every type of cuisine. For such foodies who are quite health conscious and are looking for such recipes in Thai cuisine, here we are enlisting top 10 Thai healthy products. Let’s have a look,

  • Som Tam - Most famous and highly accessible through out Thailand is Thai’s green papaya salad and is known as som Tam in Thai. The ingredients include green papaya, string beans, tomatoes, garlic, dried shrimp and chilies, raw Thai eggplant, peanuts and carrots. Serve with rice, and an assortment of other Thai Isan dishes, green papaya salad is a fresh and vegetable packed Thai dish.
  • Yam Mamuang – Also known as green mango salad and is almost similar to som tam. The ingredients for yam mamuang are all similar to som tam except green papaya they use sour green mango in Yam Mamuang.
  • Pad Pak Ruam Mit - It’s just a stir fried combination of any sort of vegetables that are handy with little oil.
  • Pad Pak Bung Fai Daeng - The most famous vegetable dish of Thai which includes vegetables stir fried along with red chilies and garlic. This dish also known as water spinach or ong choy 
  • Pad Pak Gachet – Vegetarian dish with ingredients such as, vegetables, garlic, chilies and flavored sauce.  Stir fry all the vegetables with red chilies and garlic your pad pak gachet is ready.
  • Nam Prik - The healthiest Thai dish is the one made with a garden of freshly boiled and steamed vegetables and at times fried fish. It also goes well with eggplant, cucumbers, string beans, bitter melon, cabbage, okra, winged bean. 
  • Jim Jum  -  Thai’s street version of hot pot that is healthy and tasty and can be self-cooked as it includes very less and easily available herbs, vegetables and bits of pork if you wish.
  • Pla chon lui suan – It is Thai’s version of fish recipe that is both healthy and flavored. This is one among the most popular ways of cooking fish with very less and healthy ingredients. The ingredients include, steamed fish, chilies, garlic, steamed vegetables. You can serve with sauce to add thick texture to the food.
  • Kuay teow lui suan –  It is Thai's Fish spring roll that can be served with hand full of raw vegetables and rice wrapper. The ingredients for this include tofu, mackerel fish and occasionally pork. 
  • Gaeng Liang- Also known as vegetable herb soup that is made up of items like, pumpkin, squash, corn, ivy gourd, bunch of other herbs, mushrooms and random veggies. This recipe can detoxify your body as it includes several healthy herbs and freshly steamed vegetables and this also tastes delicious if you serve it with little sauce.

All the above mentioned recipes are both healthy and tasty and are regarded as Thai’s top healthy products by many food lovers across the world. These recipes can be altered to suit your requirements if you are a vegetarian and is looking for healthy options in Thai cuisine.

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