Finger Licking Thai Sauce And Recipes You Can’t Resist.

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Finger Licking Thai Sauce And Recipes You Can’t Resist.

Do you feel like cooking a good Thai dish at your place? Check out the secret ingredients that make Thai dishes more delicious.

Once you enter a Thai restaurant just sweep through other tables to see whether they serve extra small pots of sauces. This is the sign that you are in an authentic Thai restaurant. Herbs and sauce are the main ingredients that give Thai dishes their uniqueness. Herbs give the smell and sauce makes the dishes mouth-wateringly tasty. A perfect blend of herbs, sauce and spices can give you the delicious Thai dish you need.

There are two types of Thai sauces: dipping sauce and cooking sauce.

Dipping Sauce

  • Prik Naam Pla: This is a fish sauce garnished with sliced chili and lime juice that can be used with every rice types to add the flavor.
  • Naam Prik Pao: It is a paste of roasted chili used as a flavoring for dishes like soups, stir fries, etc. or even as a spread on toasts.
  • Naam Jiem Saate: It is the Thai name for peanut sauce and is used not only as a dip sauce but also as substitutes for pad Thai sauce, pizza sauce, salad dressing and more.
  • Naam Jiem Buoi: This plum sauce is for those who love non-spicy flavor for fried appetizers.
  • Naam Jiem Gai: This sauce is best for BBQ chicken dipping.
  • Prik Naam Som: It is a combination of chili and vinegar which can be used as a condiment on noodles.
  • Naam Jiem Seir Rong Hai: Also called crying tiger sauce that includes fish sauce, lime juice, chili pepper, ground roasted rice and soy sauce.
  • Naam Jiem Talay: It is a sea food dipping sauce with a fusion of spicy, sweet, sour and salty flavors.
  • Aa-jaad: A pickled cucumber salad used for all types of fried starters.
  • Jig Choe: Dipping vinaigrette soy sauce best for Dim Sum and pot sticker.

Cooking Sauce

  • Naam Pla: This fish sauce is used to add salty flavor in soups and stir fries.
  • Phu Khao Tong: This flavored soy sauce is used in the recipe of almost all stir fry sauces.
  • Nam Som Sai Choo: Thai name for vinegar which is used for sour flavoring.
  • See Iew Khao: It is a light soy sauce, which can be found in almost all dipping sauces
  • See Iew Dum: This sweet black soy sauce is used in the making of different Thai dishes like pad see iew and used as an ingredient in dipping sauces.
  • Tamarin juice: It can be tasted in different dipping sauces. In Thai Khang Som soup (sour) and is a vital part of pad Thai sauce.
  • Pad Thai sauce: It can be found in almost all pad Thai recipes.
  • Oyster sauce: It is an unavoidable ingredient of many sauces used with Thai stir fry, either sweet or sour.
  • Curry paste: Herbs and spices combined at different proportions give different curry paste flavors.

While you go through different recipes of Thai food you will notice that using different measures of sauces in dishes give completely different flavors, even for same dishes. It is the perfect blending that matters to create a delicious Thai dish.

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