9 Signs To Keep In Mind While Flirting A Thai Girl.

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9 Signs To Keep In Mind While Flirting A Thai Girl.

Are you planning a trip to Thailand and hopeful about meeting gorgeous Thai ladies? Just be aware whether they are real women or a ladyboy. Check out some of the tips to keep in mind while meeting a Thai girl to recognize the correct one.

Ladyboy or katoeys are the names Thai citizens use to refer a transsexual. In other countries like America and Europe, men and women can be differentiated using their body shape. But when it comes to Thailand both men and women have almost same body characteristics.

There are some techniques that may help you to recover from this confusing situation. Let’s check out whether the techniques used are simply myths or it really works.

  1. Middle finger length: If the middle finger is longer than other fingers then it is a male standing in front of you. This is a mythical technique and it won’t work.
  2. Too small breasts: Even though Thai women have comparatively small breasts, be aware of no-breast-at-all kind of body shape. Such spotting should create a warning signal in you.
  3. Petite feet: Usually women have smaller feet size than men. But not for all. There are many attractive Thai women who have larger hands and feet. So this can be considered a ‘not working’ technique.
  4. Adams apple: This is a universal identification technique. Males have larger larynx, which makes their Adams apple to stick out and be visible, while in women it is not visible that much.
  5. Women walk: No one can walk the graceful womanly walk as beautiful as Thai girls. A man to mimic the grace is an impossible task. If you spot a girl walking uncomfortably on high heels then you are most probably looking at a tranny.
  6. Body and facial hair: Neither Thai women nor men have much body hair on them, but women have less hair on them than man usually. To find out you can watch the leg part, as for women shaving leg hair is not necessary. But if you are with a tranny the leg will be shaved to gain a girly look.
  7. Loud talks: Thai women are known to be loud talkers, especially when they are around their besties. So when the person talk quietly then she is a he, who is very much trying to hide his tough voice.
  8. Too sexy and lot of make up: Thai women are known to be more conservatively sexy and their naturally smooth skin helps them avoid make up. So someone with both these characteristics can be identified as transsexual.
  9. Height as a model: If you find some women with more than 5 feet 4 inch height ask whether she is a model. If the answer is no then you are dealing with a katoey.

Simplest way is to ask the girl directly and honestly whether she is a transsexual. Most of the time the answer will be honest as well. If you are too serious about a Thai partner, there is a blog called Thai Kiks that will help you to find one.

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