4 Principles A Thai Language Course Should Deliver For Effective Learning.

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4 Principles A Thai Language Course Should Deliver For Effective Learning.

Are you confused about deciding a way to learn Thai language: books, course, online or using DVDs? Whether the reason of learning is personal or professional, there are many options that will help you to learn this language and will positively affect your Thailand visit.

By learning Thai language you can explore the country with more fun and understand their lifestyle. However learning a second language has always been a difficult task for adults. Many well-known personalities like Dr. James J. Asher, has conducted deep study to understand and solve this difficulty. These latest studies have come up with certain principles, a tutor should follow, for effective learning.

Before deciding where and how to start learning, check out the 4 principles an academy or school should follow so that you can become fluent in Thai language.

  1. Make use of all senses.

Providing the learner with sufficient books and references is the traditional way of studying any subject. Study of language will include a list of vocabulary to be memorized, in addition. This tradition should be broken and language learning should be using every senses, like listening, tasting, looking, touching, experiencing and doing so that the learner can deeply understand each word.

We learn our mother tongue by using all these senses and that is the secret we always remember every word.


  1. Think your next move in Thai.

Often Thai courses will be teaching you to translate every word to Thai form or you will first think in your native language before translating it to Thai before delivering. Instead of this practice you should be taught to think in the learning language so that you can get used to Thai effectively. In most of the cases converting mother tongue to exact Thai meaning won’t give us what we want to deliver. The tutor should also give commands and instructions in Thai so that the learners can learn easily.


  1. Repetition method in different forms.

Repetition of different words is also a traditional way of memorizing the vocabularies. But repeating the same sentences for days won’t help in understanding the word. Tutors should use different media to repeat the words, like through videos, casual conversations, games, etc. This will help the person to register the word with its actual meaning rather than usual old sentences.


  1. Provide with sufficient refueling for brain.

Studying something new is an energy consuming job. During study hours, it is important to refuel your energy, so that brain can use this energy to increase your memory and storage. Your rain needs almost 20-39% of energy to help you think, memorize, etc. Supplying your body with sufficient glucose for generating this energy is important. An efficient school or campus should provide with snacks that help in this process, at times.


Before you waste your time and money on unauthorized academies choose the place wisely, to study Thai language. If you don’t have enough sources to visit a campus then opt for online courses or DVDs, which provide you with a decent course with all the above principles kept in mind.

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